This week’s readings covered a topic that hadn’t occurred to me with regards to web design, but of course it makes total sense. Making web content available to people who use screen readers and therefore include a greater part of the population is an important consideration. It also creates another level of information on the site that should really be considered from the very beginning in the design process.

I think that describing the images and any videos or other interactions that will appear on the site could make the designer think more deeply about the content from the very beginning. It could make choices about which images “tell the story” even more complex but ultimately help to decide which images, graphics, etc. are the most important.

The articles on Javascript were a little less “accessible” to me. I don’t quite understand how it interacts with HTML – I tried to find a site that would illuminate the topic for me but most seemed geared toward people already working with it. I guess I will find out more in class! – another layer to apply to our sites…

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