Readings for 3/23

This week’s readings cover some of the fine points of web design. Luke Wroblewski discusses the importance of the both the technical and the visual in web design. Technical aspects are importance to the way the site works, but the visual is what will draw in the viewer and keep them interested in the site.  Mark Boulton takes up the creative side of design work and stresses the importance of a team’s input and the ability to take a fresh look, what he calls the 4 Rs – revolution, re-expression, related worlds, and related links.  Once you are into a project it can be difficult to take a step back and look at it in a completely new way.

I found Dave Shea’s article on color palettes the most interesting and his illustrations were visually convincing.  He showed that different color choices make a big difference in the appearance of a page and is relatively easy to achieve.  There were also some other interesting items on the website – 24 ways to impress your friends – especially Veerle Pieters’ piece on geometric backgrounds.

The overall message I gleaned from all of this is that web design is a multi-layered process.  On one level it can seem pretty simple but there are so many decisions to make which impact the finished product.   I still have lots of work to do on my site! but some of this was helpful – and inspiring.

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